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 Hailstorm Insurance Claims In San Antonio

If you find yourself a victim of damage from the devastating hailstorm in San Antonio on April 12, 2016 and call in a claim to your homeowner’s insurance carrier, be on guard for things that the insurance representative on the other end of the line says to you. We talked to a concerned homeowner who relayed a typical exchange between a policyholder and a claims representative. For example, the claims representative may discourage the claim because they will say the deductible is too high to justify a payment for damage to your home (as is mentioned in this article). Another typical exchange involves the claims representative trying to get the homeowner to agree that there was no possible damage that could have resulted inside the home from an opening created by hail. Tell the insurance company representative that you want a thorough inspection of your home.

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Photo Credit: William Luther (via MySanAntonio.com)

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