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Insurance litigation is the primary practice area of our firm. We represent individuals and businesses with insurance coverage disputes. We review insurance claims related to hailstorms, windstorms, fire losses, tornado damage, theft, hurricanes or plumbing leaks. If you feel you were underpaid or treated unfairly with your insurance claim, please contact us for a free comprehensive case evaluation.

Disputes may occur with any insurance policy. You have the right to any and all benefits, as specified in your policy, especially when you have a good track record of paying premiums in a timely manner. Insurance companies have created elaborate screening processes and have delayed and/or denied disbursement of benefits claims. This is all the more true in the case of larger claims submitted to insurance companies. Paul Smith Law Firm knows how the insurance companies go about stalling, delaying, and denying payment of benefits and when they are doing so.

Our insurance litigation practice is one of the most experienced, respected, and comprehensive in the state of Texas. The law firm of Paul Smith Law Firm represents clients in a wide variety of insurance litigation cases. Our skilled lawyer advises, guides, and represents clients concerning policy and coverage of all types of insurance.

We specialize in helping clients with policy and coverage concerns about the following types of insurance and related issues:

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