We represent policyholders to ensure they receive the insurance benefits they are owed.

We represent Homeowners and Business owners with denied and underpaid insurance claims throughout Texas.

If your insurance company has completely or partially denied your claim, delayed payments or if you have not received a prompt reply, contact our office for a free consultation. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Holding Insurance Companies Accountable Throughout the State of Texas

We are a civil litigation boutique firm representing businesses and individuals in insurance bad faith litigation, insurance coverage disputes, consumer protection matters, commercial disputes, construction defect litigation, and serious personal injury litigation.

Insurance Lawyers Fighting for the Rights of Insurance Policyholders

Insurance companies use many different tactics to deny and underpay claims. Excluded coverage, pre-existing damages, improper adjustment and lowball estimates are only some of the most common reasons why an insurance claim might be rejected or underpaid. If you feel your insurance company has handled your claim improperly, contact us and speak to a qualified attorney.

There are different motivations behind delayed insurance claims. Depending on your claim’s specifics, such as where and why it happened or how serious the damage is, your insurance company may withhold funds until they decide otherwise or are compelled by law. Speak to an experienced insurance attorney if your claim has been delayed.

Your insurance company is required to act in good faith when you file a claim. Most insurers act in good faith and abide by the law, but there some who bend the rules in an attempt to maintain profit. Any adjuster who unjustly denies a claim or reduces a payout is acting in bad faith.

In many cases, insurance companies will first issue a lower than reasonable offer to their policyholders as a means of saving money. Although this first offer is not final, many policyholders accept it out of financial desperation. If you believe your insurance company has underpaid your claim, speak to a knowledgeable insurance attorney.


Has your insurance company fully or partially denied your claim?

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Attorneys who know about the inner workings of insurance companies, the rules of insurance law, regulations and contracts, all which can vary from state to state, can better represent their clients in court and obtain a favorable outcome.

Insurance Litigation

Our insurance and benefits team can help you through the whole process, from filing a claim through fighting an insurance company in court.

Construction Defect Litigation

We represent property owners, contractors, subcontractors, lenders, developers, and others who have suffered economic and other damages due to construction-related problems.

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Personal Injury and Tort Litigation

A tort claim arises when an individual or business suffers a loss because of the intentional or unintentional negligence of another party.

We Pursue Damages To Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Insurance companies use many tactics to deny, delay, or devalue claims. We have the skilled staff and resources to go up against the biggest insurance carriers.

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